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Casa Mezcal is devoted to ensuring equal and fair treatment for all potential and current business partners, as well as the public. We are committed to accommodating the needs of individuals with disabilities promptly and thoughtfully, striving for the removal of accessibility barriers and integrating services for those with disabilities into the exceptional services Casa Mezcal already offers to its patrons. Our ongoing efforts include developing, maintaining, and reviewing strategies to ensure our establishment and services are accessible to everyone, honoring the dignity and independence of all individuals.


Patrons using personal assistive devices are welcomed to use them while accessing our services and facilities. Casa Mezcal will ensure individuals using assistive devices are accommodated effectively to guarantee comfort and access.

We also provide various features to facilitate easy access to all public areas of our restaurant, details of which are available upon request. Our informed business partners are trained to cater to our guests’ needs.


Casa Mezcal’s business partners will communicate with individuals with disabilities in ways that consider their specific needs. Information and communications intended for the public will be made available in alternative formats upon request, ensuring accessibility for all.


Casa Mezcal welcomes service animals and guide dogs in all public areas of our premises, supporting guests with disabilities. If it is not immediately clear that the animal is for disability-related reasons, we may request documentation from a regulated health professional. Should a service animal be legally excluded from the premises, we will find alternative ways to provide services to the person with a disability.


We warmly welcome guests with disabilities accompanied by support persons, ensuring they have access to necessary support while dining with us.


In the event of a temporary disruption to accessible services or facilities, Casa Mezcal will notify the public promptly. Notices will be posted in accessible locations, detailing the disruption’s cause, expected duration, and any available alternatives. Whenever possible, information about disruptions will also be available on our website.


Casa Mezcal provides accessible customer service training to all business partners and those involved in policy, plan, and procedure development. Training covers various key areas, including the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005, communication with people with different disabilities, and the use of on-site accessibility equipment. Records of training are meticulously maintained.


Feedback, especially from guests with disabilities regarding our accessibility services, is highly encouraged. Feedback can be provided in person, by phone, or through our website’s feedback page. Accessible formats and communication supports are available for this process, and individuals can expect a response from our management or guest relations team within two business days.


Copies of our accessible customer service plan are available upon request. For a copy, please contact us via email, phone, or mail. Casa Mezcal will provide this document or its contents in an accessible format or with communication support, considering the individual’s disability-related needs, promptly and at no additional cost.


Casa Mezcal is committed to an environment of dignity, independence, integration, and equal opportunity for people with disabilities. Any policy or practice not aligning with this commitment will be reviewed and adjusted as necessary. We welcome any additional inquiries.